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Lately, I've been either having more vivid dreams or just remembering them more clearly.  Last night my dreams were about my new house which was a mess and I kept trying to clean it up but there were way too many people in it.  It did, however, share the grounds with two swimming pools!

I have never been interested in what my dreams mean or really anything like that. I'm not interested in deeper meanings of much of anything.  I just don't care.  I've been fortunate to be healthy and happy on the surface without the need to dig deep.  I'm just that shallow.

Today is swimming and baseball. Ok, so I'm repetitive, too.

The game starts about 10:45 and the pool opens at 11.  TiVo will capture it and I'll likely just wait til I get home about noon to start the game.

This coming week brings Anita cooking on Tuesday and Amira cleaning on Wednesday.  And My Big Computer Project.

My desktop machine was built when Vista first came out in 2007.  I upgraded to Windows 7 when it came out. It has 8GB of memory and two large harddrives and chokes at nearly everything I ask it to do.  It's way way beyond time to wipe out the hard drive and reinstall everything.  I need to make a list of everything I want on it and then gather all of the programs and program keys before I pull the trigger.  It won't be fast but, I'm always looking for things to do when there are people working here and this will be the perfect thing.  Plus, then, hopefully, I'll have a machine that at least works.

The more I work with the Chrome OS, the more I love it for it's bullet proof simplicity.  I keep the desktop about half because some things are easier (because I'm lazy) and because it's really an integral part of my living room design.

I did not think far enough ahead when planning the latest living room redesign.  It's ok.  Pretty soon it will be cool because it's so retro and reason to keep it operable.

I've lately been working at keeping my journal reading operable.  I've always viewed my writing of my LiveJournal very separate and apart from my reading of other's journals.  I write my journal for me.  I love and appreciate most all of the comments I've gotten.  (I just delete and block the ones I don't love and appreciate.)  But, if LiveJournal decided to delete the comment functionality, I'd still keep up the writing of my journal.

But I do not view reading/commenting as quid pro quo.  Keeping a journal is a different beast than reading someone else's or a lot of someone elses's.

I enjoy reading  and following other LiveJournal journals and have for years. I've had many friends abandon their journals, of course, but I've also found new ones.  Every week I add and remove journals from the list of those I follow - my friends list.  My latest scheme for finding new is the User Ratings list.  These are active journals.  I like to find journals in English with most entries available to the public.  I'm not big on videos or memes or poetry or fanfiction.  I like reading about people's day to day lives and thoughts.  I totally get that my view of LiveJournal is different than some.

Three times recently, I've gotten emails from people whose journals I have removed from my list.  They all three wanted to know if they had done something wrong.  I don't even know how to answer them.  I don't know how you could write your own personal journal 'wrong'.  Because reading a particular journal does not appeal to me, in no way makes it wrong.  Different strokes for different folks.

Because it is clear that my view is so different than others, I feel like I should announce that I will be adding and removing more journals from my reading list for no particular reason.

But now I'm going to get more coffee.
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