Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


This morning it was off to the pool up north... I got there a good 40 minutes before class so I enjoyed a nice time of laps.  I'm cycling through my mp3's on my swim player and today, I got a Statler Brother's album.  I was just swimming along enjoying the water and not really listening that much until I hit "I was sinking deep in sin..."

I was instantly a kid again fighting with my sister or brother - quibbling over something stupid.  My Mother would swoop in and in a loud falsetto voice, try to hose us down with a rousing chorus of "Love Lifted Me, Love Lifted Me...  When nothing else would do..."

It never failed.  We'd totally forget the sibling spat and turn on our mother - "Oh Mom, Stop It!!!"

It's not that easy to laugh and swim at the same time.  Thank you, Statler Brothers.

And speaking of music, I've been threatening for years to clean out and organize my mp3's.  All are in folders on different computers.  Most are actually ok, but about 30% are Track 5, on Unknown by Unknown Artist.  TuneUpMedia was having a sale so I bought it.  It will identify most if not all and fix everything.

First I need to get them all in one place, fix them all up and then propagate for both listening and backup.  I have the tools, I have the plan, I just need to execute. Maybe tomorrow.  Definitely not today.

Class was good. The instructor, Montrel, is my favorite.  And I'm not the only one.  Having him on Saturdays has been a real Summer treat and today it sounded like maybe there's a chance we'll keep him in the fall.  I like the strength and stretching stuff we do in class.

I stopped by the grocery to pick up a few things and then got some breakfast and now I'm home with no particular plans.  It looks like the baseball game - supposed to start at 4 - might get rained out.  Fine by me.  The Mariners rarely lose a rainout.  I supposed it's because they just don't try.

I have books to read and TiVo to watch and bears to knit.  And Zoey to entertain!
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