Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Yesterday's Mariners game was nearly perfect.  The first 7 innings were great.   The Mariners had a commanding lead 7-0. The Mariners were eating the RedSox for lunch.  And then badrobot68 and AlexJon came over to see the house and meet Zoey.  So I stopped watching the game and we had a great fun visit.  They both took photos of Zoey.  The photos are so different and each so great!  They are now my two favorite photos of her.

When they went on their merry way to the Art Walk, I turned the game back on to find out that in the 9th inning, they apparently gift wrapped the whole game and handed it over.  8-7.  I was really grateful to have missed the carnage.  And it was really neat to meet AlexJon and have a fun chance to chat with them both.

This morning was early morning swim and it was great. I have really come to love these so much. zoey There is a distinctly different tone to the pool than at mid day.  There are some hard core swimmers and then some who swim like me.  There's one woman, Julie, who is there nearly every time/day I am and in the mornings, we generally share a lane, just the two of us.  She keeps a nice pace and it's just nice. There's the great peace and calm and zen-ness to early morning swims - the going, the swim and the coming home.

I really have nothing much going on today.  I might make a Trader Joe's run but, really only if I'm looking for an excuse to go out.  I have my book to finish reading and my TiVo is backing up again and, of course, there are bears to knit.

Ohhh I just read this oh so comforting Tweet.  The Mariners didn't lose last night, it was the RedSox who were just getting another 'come from behind'. That's some good faux comforting there!!

Red Sox have almost as many come from behinds as Youporn.

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