Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The anti-Midas technology touch

Do not let your gadgets anywhere near me today.  Everything I touch either dies or goes whacko.  All damn day.  I broke 3 waterproof MP3 players today. I broke 4 but I was able to bring one back to life.  (Why I have so many is a sad story in itself.)

I ordered a smart case for my old Kindle Fire thinking I'd start using it again but it won't even stay powered on for more than a half minute today and, turns out, the case I got was for a Fire HD which mine ain't.  Did I send the case back like a normal person?  Hell, no.  I boxed up my old Fire to trade in to Amazon for $50 and bought a refurbished HD for $160.

I went to print out the shipping label and my printer printed the page in 3 parts on 3 different sheets.  4 times.  A reboot of the printer finally got it all out on one page.

My earbuds I keep next to my chair which were kind of expensive - $20 instead of my usual $5 - decided not to work unless I keep the answer button pressed at all times.  I wasn't sad about them - I've always hated them.

Non tech wize, I put my hand down the side the mattress to grab a dust bunny and got yet another blood bruise on my arm.  I had most of them well on their way to healing.  Crap.

Somewhere - Google, dropbox, laptop, desktop... somewhere, I built a folder and named it Pretty and dropped random photos I liked into it.  And now I cannot find it anywhere.

But, I'm powering through.  My swim was good and Zoey hasn't gone into hiding.

Plus, I just checked my investments and I've had an EXCELLENT financial day.  I try not to get bummed on days when things are down but when they are all up like today, I love it.  I know it's not at all reasonable and I don't care.
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