Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Zoey and I are still enjoying coffee and computing in bed.  Well, I am anyway.  Zoey is here, I think, to prove that I haven't shut her into some cabinet or closed her in a drawer.

There isn't much on the agenda today.  I will be taking the bears today on the way to swim.  The bear adoption agency is The Seattle Baby Corner.  It has been in 3 different locations since I started taking my bears there.  (I just looked it up - thank you, LJ - April 4, 2007 was the first delivery.)  All three locations have been fairly convenient but this latest one, which also happens to be a long term one, is really handy.  It's about 5 blocks from the pool.  They are open from 9-noon Monday-Friday.  Pretty easy!  The pool opens at 11 so it all works out.

The baseball game begins at 4 but also, the new apartment building out my terrace is tweeting that they will be conducting 'hard hat tours' from 4-7.  I may or may not go check that out. I really want to see the finished product - more of the 'open house' showing.

The tours today are part of 1st Thursday Art Walk which is a big evening deal in this neighborhood.  Galleries and shops stay open late and, particularly in Summer, the neighborhood gets pretty crowded. There are lots of special events going on this time so I suspect there will be lots of people.
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