Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

A good Sunday so far!

I am so giddy over my tooth that doesn't hurt, it's totally ridiculous.

I had a great swim.  Half a mile, plus and it just felt so wonderful.  Shared a lane with two ladies who had good speed and were very polite lane sharers.

I got an email from my brother just before I went into the pool. He was having a TV remote crisis and needed immediate aid.  I told him I wasn't home but off the top, find the lowest end Harmony he could and not to spend more than $100.

After I got home I did the research and discovered that 1. mine (300) is so old there are few for sale and the price is pennies below the 650 which does a fair amount more but in the same fine way and uses regular batteries (I hate the rechargeable models). So, had I been here, I would have told him to get a 650.  Meanwhile I had gotten a note from him that he had found a 650 at a good price and bought it. Nice ESPn we have going.

After swim, I went to find breakfast.  On the way to find the place I was looking for, I found a place that is an old favorite.  I hadn't been there for a while and there was parking right in front so that's where I had breakfast and it was delicious.  Plus, as I left there for Trader Joe's, I found the new place I had been looking for - I'll give that one a go next time.

Found just what I wanted at Trader Joe's.  That place cracks me up.  Their clientele today (and most days) is in the 25-45 year old age group.  Really old people, like me, can be found but not so many.  Yet the music they play most often is EXACTLY what you would have heard on AM radio in 1967 minus the mindless DJ and the annoying commercials.  I was rocking out, and looking around wondering what the hell these kids were thinking about the music.  It would like me hearing big band music while I shop - YAWN!

Zoey's quite happy to see me when I get home.  And then she's all over me like all she wants is love when she really wants me to turn her laser toy back on.  I feel so used.  So far the Mariner game isn't horrible.
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