Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Big fat wolf crying wuss

I woke up this morning to find my tooth nearly completely normal.  It no longer wiggles and I can push on it hard with my finger and no pain at all.  The gum is no longer hot.  I cannot believe it. I am so relieved and feel like such a drama queen.  The old saw about pain not being memorable is a load of frog crap. I can totally remember and I am glad to have the comparison.  Whew.  No dentist! No dentist fees.  (And, please, anyone reading this and feel like you know what's best for me, I'd love to ask you to resist the urge to tell me that I should go anyway.  I totally get that.  I understand perfectly ALL the ramifications of my not going.  One of the funnest things about being an adult is that I can freely make nearly any bad decision I want.)

So now it's a new day!!

The pool opens at 11.  The game starts at 1.  I may get lunch or brunch between the two and I will stop at Trader Joes.

Now I think I'm going to read some more of the J.K. Rowling book.  It has turned out to be an interesting story, well told.  I'm already hoping this Robert Galbraith writes many more!
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