Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I looked it up - thank you, LJ.  In 2005, I went to the dentist (same guy I'm going to next week) for the first time in about 20 or so years.  I had a broken tooth or maybe 2 and a wisdom tooth and a half plus cleaning.  I bullied them into doing it all in one session while I was sedated.  It was a giant festuche and very expensive and that's when I had insurance.  But he pulled 2 teeth and fixed 2 and cleaned them all and I was done.

I tried to go back a couple of times for regular cleaning but just couldn't muster up the courage.

Then in 2008, I had this very strange toothache.  I couldn't identify the tooth but it was sharp pain sometimes and no pain sometimes and I was afraid it was going to get terrible.  Turned out it wasn't a tooth.  The dentist said it was probably teeth grinding or a sinus infection. I tried a mouth guard (also expensive) for a while and then gave that up and eventually, the whole thing went away until last week.

All day it has gotten less and less painful.  Remarkably less painful.  BUT it is one tooth and I can still put pressure on it, like chewing and it hurts.

It's one of the teeth he fixed in 2005.  He said at the time that the two he fixed really needed crowns and his fix probably wouldn't last more than a year or two.  See how wrong he was????

I'd love to get the same diagnosis I got in 2008.  But I'm not hopeful.

Why any dentist would even  bother with me is beyond me but at least we have - maybe not a rich, but certainly a lengthy history together.  Sigh.
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