Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The deed is done

I made the dental appointment.  Well, not really, but I sent the dentist's office a note requesting one so I can't back out.  I could but that would be stupid even for me.  The tooth is not going to get better.  It needs to go.  I'll pay what I need to pay and be ever so glad when it's over.

It's not throbbing and so far really only hurts when I try to chew with it (or try to wiggle it with my finger which I am totally not doing any more).  I got some numbing stuff at the drug store which, actually works pretty darn well. It's a brush deal on the end of a pen thing and you twist the bottom to get gel on the brush and just brush around the gum.  Genius idea, if you ask me.

Swimming was good and I did stop and get breakfast and then remembered the car wash on the way home so I whipped through that and managed to get back here before they closed off the roads for the baseball game.  Success!  I have food, I have entertainment.  I'm good.

Meanwhile, Zoey is busy at her 'gym':

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