Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I keep forgetting half the posts

That was not the Comcast guy who is going to cut me off.  The cutter offer is coming in about an hour according to Scott, the building manager.


The vet said that Zoey was probably past regular growing stage but had gained weight because she was in a stable home with good food.

I found pictures from when I first got her and Yikes!

March on top and 5 mins ago on bottom...

8558610182_fb8451cbfd_o.jpg 8558609690_ebbcfd2c4f_o.jpg
20130726_152957_Occidental Ave S.jpg 20130726_152947_Occidental Ave S.jpg

I remember how freakishly long her tail looked in March. It looks perfectly in proportion now.  (That's her new toy which has her totally mesmerized - it throws that pesky red dot around with far more vigor that the Bold does.  She loves the Bolt but she keeps knocking it over and then climbing on top of the furniture to get to the red dot on the ceiling.)

And finally... the vet asked me the most interesting and caring question... We were talking about my adopting Zoey and the vet said 'did you find her or did she find you?'.  I love that.  She also said that black cats are always the last to get adopted.  I did not know that.

Oh yeah, she is loving this new toy.  Guess Amazon's not going to get it back.
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