Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Vet Spa

I was reading my book this afternoon and Zoey was on top of me chewing away at the hair on her leg and I said Enough.  I got out the cat carrier and off to the vets we went.

badrobot68 found and wrote about this amazing new vet a while back.  When Betty needed a vet, I took her there.  They are fabulous.  And they are way more conveniently located than my old vet. (They are actually in the building where I used to drop bears off until the bear adoption agency moved to a new location.)  And, no appointments required.  And they are very reasonably priced.  (When Travis died, it cost me more than $300.  When Betty died, it cost me $68.)

So now that I have this great place, easy to get to, easy to park, nice people...  If I'm on the fence about a vet visit, I fall off that fence fast.

I wanted to make sure she wasn't fat and get a real baseline weight and find out what I should do about this hair chewing.  9.9 (so my bathroom scale method was not so far off which is lovely to know).  And the vet said we could wait to see if she stops, get a shot to see if she's itching or give her basically antidepressants.  I voted for option #1.  And the vet said that's the one she'd pick if it were her cat.  So, I'll watch. I have photos for compare.  And she's happy to be home.

Wow, does she ever hate the carrier, the car, and being outside.


I'm watching Front Door TV Network and see that a Comcast guy is here.  Wonder if he's the one who's here to unhook my Front Door TV Network?  Irony?
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