Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I think I may have ground my back teeth severely last night. I didn't use a Breathe Right strip - figured I'd give my nose skin a break.  I woke up all stuffed up with a sore jaw.  I hope hope hope that's what it is.

Because if it's not that, it could be a dental issue.  I really really really really do not want a dental issue. Really.

I take my blood pressure every night so that when I go back to my doctor in December, I can prove to him that I don't need any more medication.  It's always about the same but last night it was really high.  I think Comcast and my neighbors did me in.

At one point, when I was asking the Comcast guys pertinent questions about their findings, my neighbor, Bradley (with whom I am FAR from close) waltzed in (my door was open) with his dog and interrupted us and started pelting the Comcast guys with questions. I finally said "Bradley, please stop.  Go home. I'll let you know what the outcome is after we finish here."  My words or tone or both worked because he backed out and left but it really pissed me off.  And then, of course, after the Comcast guys left, I went down the hall and knocked loudly on both Ann's and Bradley's (they live across the hall from each other) doors and rang their bells and got no answer.

I had to come back home and call Ann and told her she was in charge of Bradley because I was too pissed to call him.

I need to remember that booking things like Comcast at the end of the day is not good for me.  I am a morning person. I just don't have the chops to handle shit like at 7 pm. Hopefully, that's my dental issue, too.

And, today is a new day where all will be fixed.

I hit the pool this morning about 7 and it was great.  Usually when I get there for early morning swims, the pool is full - 2 or 3 or 4 per lane.  I enjoy sharing a lane if it's with someone who is not way faster or slower than me.  When I first get in, I have to keep up which is good for the first part of my swim.  By the time, people finish up and leave the pool and I get a lane by myself, I'm ready for a slower swim.  And generally, I have plenty of time to swim as much as I want before I have to get out at 8.

I called my old vet just now to ask how much Zoey weighed when I took here there right after I adopted her.  8.9 lbs.  She's now 10.2...  (That's me and her on the scale then minus me.)  I knew it!! She has a nice shape and is pretty solid.  We'll do the weight thing again in a few months.  I'm giving up on the wet food. If she doesn't care, I'm sure fine with eliminating the mess, the trash, the extra effort and the cost!

She is such a love. And she pays close attention to me.  Can't ask for more than that.

I have zero plans for today which is lovely.  Nowhere to go and no one needing/asking me for anything.  It's hot out so I'm staying in.  With my Kindle book and my TiVo and my bear du jour.
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