Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

My day with Comcast...

It was only 3 hours but it seemed like for-freakin-ever.  To recap the issue.  Four channels have gone radio silent.  104 (ABC), 109 (PBS), and two others.  All other channels are fine.

The two guys got here at 3:30 and replaced every coax cable and replaced the splitter.  They cleaned out some bits that, turns out I don't need and the rats nest behind my tv looks a lot nicer.

But the four channels are still gone.  They tested. They went down the cable box and tested there and and came up here and tested more and then said it must be the TiVos.  I have two different TiVo models - one on each TV and both have the problem.  I laughed at them kindly and told them that it wasn't TiVo.

They went downstairs again (we're now in hour 3) to do more testing and get new cable cards.  While they were gone, my neighbor, Ann, stuck her head in and wanted to let me know she'd yelled at my cable guys.  She honestly thinks that talking loudly does help.  Finally, I was able to ascertain that she had the same channel outage I did.  Then the people across the hall from Ann joined us also saying their didn't have the channels either.

When the Comcast guys got back up here - a little bruised by Ann - they got on the phone with HQ and after another hour, it was determined that a recent channel swizzle/update was clashing with our old analog closed circuit channel.

Yep, my Front Door TV Network is going to bite the dust.  As soon as they come out and dismantle that network piece that sends the camera signal up here via our cable, we will get our four channels back and lose the Front Door TV Network.

I knew this day was coming... sob...

Oh well.


In other news, I found clear evidence that Zoey has gotten way bigger.  When she first got here I bought her a harness and leash.  I fixed it so that it fit around her with room for my fingers so that it wouldn't hurt her.  Well, now, if I adjust it so that it's as big as possible, it still does not go around her - not close.   She's not out of proportion.  No giant belly or anything.  Just over all bigger. Why would a four year old cat grow that much?  I wonder if she's really four?  Guess we'll never know.


My massage was great.  It's at the gym across the street.  On my way in, I saw Nadia, my former trainer, working with Bob.  Bob is 70 or maybe even 80.  Three years ago when I was still going to the gym, Bob had fallen several times and was nearly a vegetable.  Nadia was going to his house to move his legs for him.  I got the clear impression, he was checking out.  Apparently he did not!  Good to see him.  And her.


I did skip the pool and so was able to get everything done I wanted to do.  But, for sure, I'm going early tomorrow morning!
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