Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Today I actually have stuff on the todo list.  Comcast is coming from 2-4.  I have a massage from 12:30-1:30. The pool does not open until 11.  If I'm efficient and am ready to hop into the pool the minute it opens, I can get in 30 minutes, get out, get showered, get home and get to the massage at 12:30 but I'm toying with skipping the swim.  I also have a couple of errands to run that can't be done before.  If I wait until after Comcast leaves, I will hit rush hour traffic/Mariner traffic.

So I really do think I'm going not swim today.  First non-swim day in a long time. I can't even remember the last time.  I may even wash my swim towel...

Zoey was up early this morning.  When I went in to get my coffee she was hanging out near where I feed her (on the counter - a habit we got into when Betty was food stealing).  So I put some food in her bowl and she started gobbling.  She has been eating dry food just fine but not that interested in wet food.  I've been thinking about just weaning her off the wet food all together.  If she doesn't care, why should I??  I have no numeric proof, but she seems bigger than when I first brought her home.  She's a good water drinker so ...  This morning, after she ate about a quarter of a pouch's worth and then threw it up next to her bowl (easy clean up, thanks, girl!).

She shows no signs of not feeling well.  She was all over the house this morning and now she's curled into my lap just purring away.  What a sweetheart. And a low maintenance one at that!

I ordered the new Google Chromecast yesterday.  I'm excited.  It will let me toss anything on my Chromebook or phone (or any other device) onto the TV.  So I will be able to stream movies and TV from the library and have a much better way to get YouTube on the TV plus things like HBO Go and various podcasts which now are only available to me on a computer screen.  I'm jazzed about the possibilities.  All for $35. It will be here Tuesday.

Now I need to get dressed and get going to I can get back.
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