Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The little things

The dishwasher is emptied, the dirty dishes loaded in, the counters wiped down and everything put away.

All the drugs arrived today and have also been put away.  The one with pills I have to split have all been split.  I can now breathe and not stroke out for the next four months.  And I hit my insurance's $2,500 deductible on drugs alone and a week before the six month mark.

I gathered all the info needed to file a claim to get $640 back as soon as the paperwork comes in - probably next Saturday.

I took trash down to the dumpster and put everything away in the bedroom.

Zoey's been stuck to me like glue all day.  I ordered her another laser toy today.  I think in addition to stressed, she might be a little bored.  She loves the Bolt toy but after a few minutes, she knocks it over and then tries to get the red dot off the ceiling.  No good will come from that.  A new toy is way cheaper and easier than a new cat.  We are not nearly ready for that.

Time now for a little pre-dinner book reading.  I hate Summer but I feel like I'll be able to get through this one.
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