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Susan Dennis


I got a random email over the weekend from a guy trying to find the pattern for an afghan.  The website I built at nearly 20 years ago now, has a lot of random orphaned content.  I could clean it up, but, why?  So periodically, I get requests, questions or just general notes about old stuff.

This weekend was one of those.  He found the photo and brief description of what I called the Wedding afghan. It's a blanket I've knitted a gillion times. Usually I knitted it for wedding presents - the first one being in 1971 when my then best friend got married.  When I started knitting teddy bears in 2005, I gave up knitting afghans and so haven't knitted this one in a while. Plus, I gave all my paper knitting patterns and most of my pattern books to the Goodwill a while back.

When I first got the email, I googled for the pattern but since I didn't know the name, the search failed.  Then, last night, I thought about searching by image and BAM!  I found the pattern in less than 5 mins.

I felt a giant sense of accomplishment.


I've decided to hold off taking Zoey to the vet.  It dawned on me yesterday that I need to give her more time.  She lived somewhere for most of her 4 years until she was taken to the pound.  Then, in March, she came here and had to deal with Betty for 4 months and now it's just the two of us and she's having to start over again.

She's still establishing her routine and trying to figure out what is what. I think that's what's stressing her to chew the hair off her legs.  So far there are just bald spots - she hasn't broken the skin or anything.  I'm watching it for now. She's eating fine and sleeping fine and giving me excellent snuggles so I think I'll just give her some time.


There is a class today at the pool but I think I'll do laps instead. I can still visit with my friends who take the class but I really would rather just swim. A bad to mediocre instructor just does not give me enough of a workout to suit me and my bar for instructors is getting higher and higher.

I need to stop at the grocery store and the library while I'm out.

Otherwise, it's a day of reading and knitting probably some TV with a baseball game tonight.  The Mariners have now won 7 straight games which means tonight will surely be a train wreck.  But, better to get it over with and get back to sucky baseball sooner than later, I suppose.  The Devil you know...
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