Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I fell asleep fine and dandy but then kept waking up - no clue why but finally at 6:30, I got up and went to the pool.  It was great. I did my half mile and then some. It was not at all crowded. And the sun wasn't out yet - nice, cool clouds on the way and on the way home.  Just a lovely lovey way to start the day.

I have nothing on the agenda for the rest of the day.  I do need cash so a trip to the ATM is in order - maybe combined with lunch.  I need to get back to the Rowlings book.  I left the main guy in a bit of pickle when I put it down yesterday and I have felt badly since.  I need to make sure he's ok.

Reading a contemporary British novel is rather distracting in very weird ways.  These characters now have, several times, 'picked up the post', 'sorted through the post', 'waited for the post'...  Why do they say post and we say mail?  Seems like post makes more sense really - it's way nicer than snail mail.  We have post offices not mail offices.  And postal carriers.  Why then do we have mail?  Somebody did not think that through.

On a totally unrelated note, I'm very tardy buyers remorse for my phone.  I got a Samsung Note 2 last February and it's just too big.  It feels too big in my hand, too big in my pocket, way too big to hold to my ear.  I picked up my old EVO (which serves now as my bedside clock) the other day to check something and wow, did it ever feel good in my hand.  I cannot switch back to it easily because it's a Sprint phone and my plan is now Verizon but I'm thinking something's got to change and well before 18 months.

But this next big purchase is drugs. My 3 month supply of my two COPD inhalers will get ordered this week.  $1,800.  I will get $600 of that back this time once I file the paperwork.  After this, I have one more refill before I hit medicare eligibility.   Whew.

Ok, now I'm getting depressed.  I'm going now to see what's up with the detective dude.
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