Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Ann and Ron got their stove and then came in to help me.  I think they both thought the idea was goofy and borderline tacky (which it actually probably is but I don't care).  But, they thought my idea of where to hang it was perfect since they'd neither one ever noticed the spot before (and, I'm sure, figured it would get lost in the dim).

They totally nixed my Plans A, B and C for hanging.  Won't work, dumb and will look terrible.  BUT had a great an easy idea for how it should be done.  So that's the way I did it.  It's an impossible area to photograph because it's so narrow and, yeah, it does look a little not classy.  I generally keep the lights off in the hallway (so you can't see the dust on the stuff on the shelves).



Ann wanted it smoothed out - she kept trying to tell me I should iron it and/or resew it.  But aside from the history and memories, the thing I like about it best is the t-shirty wrinkles.

I like it.  And, if ever I don't, it can come right down and go right back into the closet.
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