Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Kitty stress

When I first got Zoey, she had a patch of hair missing on her side and more on her legs.  The notes said that she had come in with fleas and had been treated.  And, sure enough the side is now fur full and the legs were getting better.

But, today I noticed she's chewed them nearly bald again.  She sure has no fleas or other outside cat varmits.  I think she has a case of Change In The Household-itis.  I think we may just pop into the new vets next week and make sure it's not something worse and see if she needs any treatment.

I'm waiting now for the Mariners to get their final out.  They are trying mightily to help Houston save face by giving them late inning runs after a 10-0 lead for most of the game.   They've gotten several runs with 2 outs in the 9th but it's still 12-5. Poor Houston.

Also waiting for my neighbor, Ann, to come back from Sears.  She's going to help me hang my t-shirt banner.  I have a good scheme, I think, for where and how to hang. I just need to get another yes vote.

Their stove blew up - with fire - about a year ago.  They love Sears so they went to Sears and got another one.  The 'new' one gave a giant POP and flash in June and they were afraid to touch it until the repair guy got there.  He said not a big deal just needed a part.  But Sears kept fucking up the order.  Finally, today, Sears told them to just go to their nearest store and pick out a new one.  So... that's where she is now.  She said she'd pop in when they got back.

The Mainers finally won.
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