Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


The big bench that had housed the second litter box had finished airing out on the terrace ...  My plan was to use it for spare blankets and quilts which I have a lot of. I have so many because I love giving my bed different looks and since I don't have a good place to keep them, I forget I have them and buy more.  Plus one of the places I stored them was as extra bedding under the spread on the fish bed which made it very difficult to add air to which is pretty important since it's an air bed...

So.  I moved the bench into the fish room and proceeded to fill it.  I was delighted to discover that it had plenty of room to store everything I wanted in an orderly fashion plus it does not look bad in there at all AND I can finally get air back into my air mattress, plus easily pluck it into the living room or terrace if it gets too hot to sleep in my bedroom.

In the process of tracking down all the quilts, covers and bedspreads, I found a treasure.

Way way back in the very early 2000's, I made a wallhanging out of my favorite t-shirts. It hung over my bed.

Sheri, the designer I hired to make my home beautiful could not get rid of it fast enough but I hid it.  Until today, I could not have told you where!

I am going to find a new home for it. I have an idea but I want a consult with my neighbor before I decide.  She is a master of creative ways to hang shit so I'm going to get her ideas before I do anything.  But it is absolutely going up someplace where I can enjoy it every day. It is a rich history of my past and I love it.  I took three close up pictures.




And, meanwhile, I'm not sure I have ever seen a better candidate for a 'before' picture than that sad sack from my pre-2005 bedroom.  Yikes!!


And, in other news, Zoey is driving me nuts.  When I got home today she was all over me.  She had to be petted and hugged and scratched and loved.  I gave her some food and all she wanted was attention.  She played with the Bolt laser thing for a while and helped me with my project and now is back to demanding attention.  I got her and love her because she is so loving but yikes! I'm being loved to death today!
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