Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I'm up early for my 8:30 swim class.  I think, like last week, I'm going in early to stretch out first with some laps.

I have my sights on a breakfast place after and then a trip to Fred Meyer.  I have a short shopping list but no reason to put it off.

It is still so weird to wake up and not have anyone bugging the crap out of me for breakfast and more breakfast.  Zoey isn't that much of a morning person cat.  She's up but lazily and has no interest in any breakfast.  It's also still strange to be able to leave part of a sandwich on the kitchen counter.  Or not having to clean up immediately after dinner.  Zoey has no interest in people food.  Yesterday I was eating some grapes and she was pawing the bowl but, turns out, she didn't want the grapes, she wanted me to get all the grapes off the vine so she could play with it.

It has been more warm out than I like but at least I've been able to keep it cool enough in here to sleep.  Only six more weeks til we get past this.  If it gets no worse than it is now, we will have had an easy summer and I will be very grateful.  But, I'm ready for long sleeves and socks.

And I need to stop that.  Wishing for things that aren't possible and wasting days just to get to other days is not how I want to be.  Time for mind over matter.

Actually, time to suit up and hit the road.
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