Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Reporting in

Red 2 was highly satisfying. Watching Helen Mirren machine gun her way out of trouble is just fun.

Even though the $6 movie is now $7.

I stopped at the Japanese grocery which was on the way home and picked up dinner and a cinnamon bun for breakfast tomorrow.

Zoey is now always at the door when I come home.  She isn't begging for anything, just saying 'hi'.  She finally did eat some wet food but not much.  I think rather than go through 4 of those packets a day, we'll be good to finish off 1.  And I'm guessing the canned stuff will be gathering dust.

Yes, I might, one day, get another second cat but I think Zoey and I will spend some quality time together first.

In fact, right now, I think we'll read our book.
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