Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I got up early this morning to swim.  It was good but not great. I swam and swam and was ready to quit but the counter told me I had only been half as far as yesterday.  So I doubled down and did some more and I'm glad I did. That counter was a good idea.

I love swimming but it also doubles as exercise - actually the only exercise I get - so I want to make sure I get the most out of it.

One of the reasons I wanted to do the early swim today was that I want to see a movie today.  Red 2 is playing only at a downtown theater and the best time to get there is today.  The $6 show is at 11.  So that's the plan.

I knew that Betty had become quite the high maintenance cate but wow.  I knew Zoey had used the back room litter box but I was a bit concerned that shutting down the living room one might confuse her.  So all yesterday afternoon and evening, I kept checking the remaining litter box and no action.  When Betty was alive, I was cleaning both several times a day.  Finally this morning I see Zoey figured out the new deal.

Betty did not like my sleeping in. If I had not served breakfast when the radio went off, she was on top of me.  I did not feed Zoey before my swim but did when I got back. I put some wet food in her bowl and she ate a little and then went to play.

I stopped after the pool to get a sausage biscuit and just wadded up the trash from it.  Had I let Betty get her paws on it, she would have shredded it.  Zoey thinks it's a new toy.  She's up here on the bed batting it back and forth with herself.

It's going to be an adjustment.  But Zoey's definitely stepping up to the plate.

Baseball is back tonight.  I'm ready.
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