Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I broke down the litter box chest and cleaned it out and cleaned the litter box and consolidated the litter to the other box. The chest and litter box are airing out/drying on the terrace.  I spot cleaned all of the still vaguely stained places in the carpet.  I cleaned out the fridge and the freezer and loaded the dishwasher and took the trash down to the dumpster. I cleaned out the fish house that Betty was using for a cafe and then put it into the washing machine.  It's now stuffed full of towels and left to dry in the bathtub.  Looks like it survived it's washing pretty well.

I learned a couple of cats ago that putting reminders away as soon as possible is best for me.  It's hard but it helps.  It will be exceedingly weird to see 5 pm today.  Betty's been here in front of my nose every single day to remind me that it's dinner time.  That diva loved her kitty food.

My back is killing me and Zoey is exhausted from following me around. She's napping here on the floor and I think I'll do some knitting and rest a bit.
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