Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Betty demanded wet cat food 4-5 times a day.  Usually, I'd put out two bowls and put food in one for Zoey cause she needed a head start.  Then I'd fix Betty's which needed extra pumpkin or metamucil.  Zoey ate hers on the counter and Betty at her's in a little enclosure on the floor.

The routine was that usually before Zoey was finished, Betty would eat most of hers and then hop on the counter, push Zoey out of the way and finish what was left.

When I got home from the pool, I put a little food in a dish for Zoey.  She ate some but not a lot and she's not a fast eater anyway.  Then she hopped down and went and did other stuff.  Just now, I walked through the kitchen and she was back on  the counter staring at her dish... 'WTF?!  I have food left????' and started eating it again... in peace!

It's going to be an adjustment.  I am so glad I have Zoey.
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