Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Thank you, Betty

Last night, I think I realized it but this morning, it was very clear that Betty was done with this life.  She let me pick her up and cuddle her and put her in the carrier without a single complaint. (She hated that damn carrier and it was always a fight to get her in it and she screamed and cried until we were back home and she was out again.)   She was totally silent all the way to the vet.

This kind of made it easier.  When we got to the vet and I pulled her out and set her in my lap, she made no attempt to get out.  That new vet is really a great place with wonderful people who made the whole thing easier still.

We had a great 13 years and I will miss her teeny tiny silky self a whole bunch.

I was just looking through Betty pictures and realize how much she had aged.  I found some from when I first got her and she was almost porky!!  But this one is my all time favorite.  The other cat is Jake who I had for about 16 years.  They were quite the pair.

Thanks for the memories.

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