Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

One more try

I can see Betty's spine when she walks.  I mean the details of it.  Through her fur.   Tonight I remembered about the vet badrobot68 told me about.  He sang their praises so tonight I did some research and either they paid Yelp a metric ton o' cash or... Their customers are not happy, their freakin' giddy.  They have 35 reviews.  And every single one of those 35 are 5 star.  It totally looks rigged.

Anyway, they don't have appointments.  They open at 9 every weekday and they have a simple form you can fill out and submit before you go in.

So, I'm taking Betty.

We went to her vet last September and he said it looked like thyroid and did a blood test and found out it wasn't and gave me some antibiotics.  $400 including the antibiotics.  Betty hated the medicine and we fought every day over it - we were both miserable.  I figured then that as long as she was happy and eating and perky, I'd let her be.  Plus she just hated the whole vet experience.

But seriously, if she were to die tonight, I'd get arrested for starving her to death even with a kitchen trash can full of cat food cans and packages.

So tomorrow, we'll try again.  She won't be happy, but really, she's probably less than 6 pounds and 1 pound of that is probably fur and today she ate a total of 16 oz - 1 pound - of cat food, plus whatever dry food she snacked on.   I can see every single vertebrae.
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