Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Todays anchor event is swimming at noon.  Or 11:30ish.  The before and after of that is pretty wide open.

Yesterday I got all the bills paid for the month.  I am trying to build up my on-hand cash.  At the end of this month, I have to shell out major $$ for drugs and I want to make sure I have the $700+ that my car will want for its annual checkup in August/September.

So finding things like this beautiful and functional table is not helping.  It's on sale which is pretty hilarious since knocking $50 off of $400 still makes it way too much for me to justify even using all of my justify tricks (of which I have a giant toolbox full).  So I just lust.

A very nice knitter found a couple of minor errors in my teddybear pattern.  Neither were really critical but both needed to be fixed.  On the web page, and in the PDF.  Fix I did.

I've been using a chromebook exclusively now for a while and I love it.  Doing things like fixing that pattern are a snap - no need for Windows or Windows programs.  The only thing that I cannot do on this thing is edit my brother's newsletter.  I could do it but I don't want to buy the software needed since I have it on my desktop.  But that newsletter and keeping the pc uptodate are really the only times I use it any more.

Updating the chromebook is painless and while precious little can infect it, if it should hit something nasty, a factory reset is quick and also painless.  I keep some stuff on the harddrive but nothing much and nothing that I don't have mirrored in a couple of other places.  So losing it is no biggie.  I can't imagine every going back to a Windows machine.

The sun is out full blast and it promises to be toasty today.  So outside of the pool, I'll be right here in the cool.
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