Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Thank you Mr. Home Depot!

Our Home Depot is really well staffed these days.  You cannot go in there without being beseiged by orange clad peops asking if they can help.  I've found them to be everything from dud city to very helpful and usually more of the latter than the former.

Today, I hit the jack pot.

Last year when we switched out the flood lights in the kitchen for LED's I lost the flood part.  The spot lights were ok but I wanted to get as much flood as possible.  Sherri (the designer) said, at the time, that we could replace the black sleeve part with white and that would help  But at the time she said that we were at the part of the remodelling process where I wanted EVERYONE OUT OF MY HOUSE and the whole thing to be OVER!!

But, it keeps bugging me.  I did not have a clue how those things were attached or worked and my ceilings are 12 feet high.  Getting the 10 foot ladder from the garage is not something I want to do just to look.   So I thought I'd take my little self over to Home Depot and see if I could find some just like them to study how they worked and also price out replacement for that collar part.

I stood there and looked for all of 30 seconds before an orange guy came by to help.  He showed me exactly how they worked.  He said they didn't have collars by themselves - only kits but he suggested I just paint them!  Since they are LEDs, I don't have to worry about heat so he said to get a primer/paint spray combo, rough up the inside a little, tape off the lamp and have at it.

So I blew $4.29 on paint and came home.  Here I lucked out cause Scott, the building manager was there and he talked his son into hauling the ladder up here for me.

Once I got into the ceiling, I discovered that my lights are entirely different than the store's but, actually easier as the collar is a whole separate piece so I got both of them down, took them out to the deck, lined a big bin with paper and sprayed them.  I forgot to rough them up.  Oh well.  It's not like they are going to even get touched by anyone or anything ever.

Then I had lunch and when they were tacky to the touch I put them back up!  Better!!  I managed to get the ladder back downstairs and now I am wallowing in the satisfaction of the done of it!!

Edit later:  I was wrong. It's way way better!  I just went in to clean up after lunch and it was immediately apparent - as in ohhh how long has that been that dirty???? - that there is better light now.  YEAH!!
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