Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Good Sunday swim

The new Sunday scheme is good.  The 3 lanes turns out to be plenty.  I shared a lane with one guy who was kind of a kick. He said he hadn't been swimming in 30 years.  He had good technique and wasn't slow so I'm guessing the last time was his high school swim team.  After I'd been there about 20 minutes and he'd been there about 10 he asked me how long I normally went for and I said usually about 30-40 minutes.  He said he'd 'forgotten how exhausting it is'.

Funny, I never think of it as exhausting and, honestly, generally stop when I'm ready to do something else or when it gets too crowded to be fun more than when I'm tired.  Maybe I should consider pushing myself harder...

After the pool, I navigated to the restaurant I had picked out only to learn it was smack in the middle of a street fair and the closest parking was probably a couple of counties over.  So on to my second choice which looked jammed and there was no easy parking I could see as I drove past on to Denny's which was not crowded and was comfortable and delicious.

I was trying to kill time until the baseball game started and the traffic was sorted out. I stopped for a case of diet Dr. Pepper and then just came on home and ran into zero traffic!  Cats are fed and napping and I'm going to watch the game and knit!

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