Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Zoey has taken to snuggling me to sleep at night.  It's only been a couple of nights and it probably won't last it's delicious while it does.  She moves in until my arms are around her and then, over the next few minutes, she wiggles and settles in and then we go to sleep.  I don't know how long she stays there but she's always gone when next I wake up.

When I slept with men, I hated their snuggling.  Their bodies were too hot and while I appreciated the sentiment, it was just never comfortable.  I much preferred sleeping alone - sexy, eh?  But there is nothing more comforting than a snuggly kitty.  Guess we know why I've lived alone most of my life!!

Today I'm going to try a different Sunday swim option.  There's a pool in West Seattle that opens at 11.  The website says they have 3 lanes which means the rest of the pool is open swimming where you actually could do laps most of the time.  So it's worth a try.  And I've scoped out two brunch places for after.  One I've never been to and one is an old favorite. I'll try the new place and use the other as a backup.

Last night I realized that my yarn stash is rather low. I beef it up usually in two ways.  Some Walmarts have giant skeins of a very good to knit with yarn.  It only comes in pastels but it is soft across the fingers but is very strong. Perfect bear yarn.  Last time I found some I bought one of every color and I've been kind of saving it for when I hit a yarn drought.

When Herrschner's offers free shipping, I usually stock up.  But the last time they did, I really didn't need any.  So now my stash is low and what's there are colors that don't really work together.

So I put what was in the basket into the storage ottoman and put all the Walmart yarn into the knitting basket.  So bears for the next few months will be all pastels which will be different.

Next time I order from Herrshner's I'll fill out the colors now in the ottoman.  It will all work out.
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