Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Weather for everyone

Today is it.  Today is the perfect weather for the sun lovers and for me (we RARELY see eye to ey!).  I'm inside, in the shade, but it's so not hot in here that I could read on the fish bed.

My condo is long and skinny - (you can see the floor plan in this old before/after page from 2005).  The only air - conditioned or otherwise - is at one end.  There's a nice covered terrace and then two big picture windows with a sliding glass door and that's it for light and air.  The air conditioner must live near the door to vent.  So the extreme other end of the house - the little room with the fish mural - gets zero fresh air.  Opening the door to the hallway kind of gives me a tiny little bit of cross ventilation but not much.

So usually, that room is off limits during the Summer.  It just gets too hot to be in there except to pass through.  But, today, it's lovely.  And the airbed mattress is so way better than that POS one i had before it.  And the cats are way amused by the change in venue.  I've spent a fair amount of time back there today reading.

I'm reading Gulp by Mary Roach on my Kindle.  I love her stuff - her subjects are fascinating and her writing makes what could be deadly dull, really interesting and often, laugh out loud funny.  It's been a lovely way to spend a Saturday.

Now I'm back in the living room. I have the fan on low and am plenty comfortable.  I feel like Summer just gave me a personal thank you gift!
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