Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I had a lovely 30 minutes of lap swimming this morning.  And then a nice 45 minutes of water aerobics.  I was hungry when I got out but also beat and I needed to stop at the grocery store.  There is no good breakfast option between the pool and the grocery so I just went to Safeway and took a time out with coffee and a dried up slice of banana bread in the seating area.

I checked G+ and Twitter and saw several mentions of I-5 traffic hell.  But, the Google map didn't show a problem so I shopped and then got on I-5 to go home.  No problems at all for me going south but going north was backed up as far as the eye could see.  I'm thinking there will be people in that backup celebrating birthdays before they get where they are going. Ugh.

I noticed the other day that my car air conditioner didn't seem to be working well.  Not nearly cold enough air.  When I got home I looked up when my annual checkup/maintenance is and it's really more like Septemberish.  So I let it go.

But, this morning, there was hot air coming out!  So I turned off the A/C and tried the blower without it and that air was cold!!  My little Smart Car was having a Sybil moment!!  I turned the blower off and the A/C off and turned it back on and got an Artic blast.  It's now better than ever.  Weird but excellent.

All's cool for the moment on the cat front.  They aren't causing carpet issues and they seem happy and perky.  I think maybe I have blamed Zoey, in the past, for some of Betty's 'accidents' .  I think when Betty finally goes to kitty heaven, my cat maintenance work will be reduced to nearly nothing.  But, I don't think she's close.

Also this year, I haven't needed to get her a haircut.  In past years, she's gotten so many mats that I couldn't even get them all out with brushing.  This year, she's got none.  I think she's been doing some good cat maintenance of her own!

I think I'm in for the day.  And right now, I think I'll fire up the Kindle and read for a bit.
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