Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Battle scars

If I sit still in my chair and knit and don't otherwise move, my hands and arms will maybe look normal.  Today I did not do that and picked up some more purple.  I ran into one of my swimming buddies - she was coming out of the shower room and I was going in and she nearly shrieked 'What happened???!!!  Were you in a fight?!'  I cracked up and told her she should see the other guy!

Cleaning up after the cats added a couple, getting the mail added one.  Getting my clothes out of the locker added another.  I think I got one by having an impure thought.  I need to quit obsessing.  There's no cure, no fix, nothing that can be done.  They aren't painful. They aren't contagious, they don't leak, they aren't messy.  So what if they look ugly, it's not like I was trying for People's Most Beautiful Sextigenarian. I need to get over it.

Swim class was very mediocre as far as class goes but it was fun to hang with my water homies and I did get a good 20 minutes of laps in before class so nothing lost.

I made a giant (9 dinners) batch of stuffing/dressing.  YUM. Tonight is porkchop, dressing and cantaloupe.  I hate peeling those suckers but I love the taste this time of year so I suffered through.  I started to get one of those small watermelons - way easier to de-rind but I've never had one and don't know how to tell if they are good or not.  So I opted for the half cantaloupe and it's a good one so worth the aggravation.  Kitchen now all cleaned up and dish washer washing.

One cat peed in one litter box today but outside of that no other action in or out of the box.  Both are chipper and feisty and appear content.

The Mariners and RedSox are going into the 8th inning tied at 7-7.  Hi jwg and rsc!!
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