Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

This is why I retired... so I'd have time to

Clean up after Betty!!!  She threw up twice and then had a nice bout of diarrhea.  Fortunately, the latter was in the litter box.  Unfortunately, that seemed to annoy Zoey who pooped not once but twice on the carpet - next to the other litter box.

ARUGH.  I did just get a new spot cleaner when my old one, which could not be cleaned since the disgusting areas were in cased in plastic, got too disgusting to use.  The new one does an amazing job.

Meanwhile Betty, going on 14 now, is full of energy and eats with gusto.  I really don't want to take her back to the vet.  I don't want to put her through the trauma of a visit and the even bigger trauma of tests and/or medication. And I don't want to pay the huge bill that would create.

She's 80 freakin years old in people years.  So I'll just continue to clean up behind her and enjoy her company.  If either of them run out of energy, stop eating, start pouting, or even look sad (outside of when I put their food bowls in the dishwasher), I'll reconsider but for now it's mess, clean, mess, clean and purrrrrrrrr.
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