Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


The calendar is free again for the next week or so. No chefs, no cleaners, no appointments.  I do like that.

I finally got my refunds from Amazon and from Walmart showing in my Discover account.  Both were problems and now, hopefully, they are not.  I'm still waiting for Google to grab $300 from my checking account.  If I had written a paper check instead, it would have cleared long before now. But, I have confirmed that the recipient has the $$ and Google sees the transaction as fine, so

I have swim class at noon.  This is supposed to be with the good instructor but if not, laps it is...

I think I'll pop into the grocery on the way.

Once I get home after the pool, getting out again in the car is not going to be a good idea.  There's a baseball game against the Red Sox (this means that the handful of Mariner fans will be joined by a huge crowd of Boston fans that always materializes but today promises to be even huger because it is the last game they play here this year and the only one in the afternoon).

Before that game finishes, the crowds will start assembling for the full stadium sell out double hitter soccer games.  One starts at 5 and one at 8 and the parking lot is already filled with pre-game vendors, entertainment stages, and other stuff.

Oh and the First Thursday Art Walk, which brings in bunches of high pinkie people from all over town, was moved to tonight because last week was the 4th.  And, since it is July, also includes several added attractions tonight - concerts and alley performance pieces.

This 'hood will be hoppin tonight!!

I'm hoping I can still get home at 1:15!

I did not get the closets cleaned out but I did get started. I had a desktop in the storage closet that I am never going to use again.  I dragged it out - I had totally forgotten how huge it was - and gutted it.  I might well use the hard drives as externals for local storage and I wanted the DVD drive cause the one on my remaining desktop has been acting weird.  Scott, the building manager, is collecting electronic bits for recycling so I donated the remaining bits.  Now I have a lovely big hole in my storage closet!

I finally saw one too many reviews of books I really want to read and pulled out my Kindle Paperwhite which has been out of service for a long time.  I decided to fire it up and start using it.  I like reading audio books and always have one going but there's no reason why I can't also enjoy reading another book, too.

But, the Paperwhite did not want to latch onto my wifi. I rebooted, I reset, I spoke the magic nsfw words. No joy. I finally turned my phones' hot spot on and it connected right up.  Then I went back to my phone to run wifi analyzer - nothing wrong with the signal.  I did see that my extension was throwing out a duplicate SSID which made sense to me but not, apparently, to the Paperwhite.  So I turned off the extension, the Paperwhite gave up the fight and linked to the wifi.  Whew.  Then it found an update but even through a few reboots kept the wifi connection. Nice.

I have access to two data networks - Verizon and Comcast and a variety of computers, wired and wireless and even have an extremely smart, smart phone and sometimes it takes nearly all of these to find and fix an issue.  I'm guessing that most households do not have all these resources and cannot imagine how frustrating that must be.

Ok, I have now killed an hour on this computer doing nearly nothing.  Time to get up and do nearly nothing.
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