Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


The past few times I have not been here when Amira comes to clean. I'd forgotten how much I hate just hanging out while someone does my scut work.  Next time, I'm absolutely going to be at the pool.  August 7th.  Make a note.

After she left, I noticed the now marvelously cleaned kitchen rug was showing a bit of it's under pad so I decided to straighten it.  I hit the back of my hand and now my left hand is nearly covered with a senile purpura (giant fuckin ugly purple splotch that looks like kaposi sarcoma) the size of a saucer.  So now I'll have to live with that for the 3-4 weeks it takes to heal. Fuck.

Then I made a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch. Grilled cheese sandwiches are one of those foods best made in a restaurants or someone else's house.  I made a big mess and it wasn't even that good. (I don't have the patience to do it correctly.)

I cleaned that all up and now I'm starting over on the day.

It is a lovely, cool day.  All I need is the fan so far.

Oh! Fed Ex says my package has been delivered.  I'm off to the garage package closet to go pick it up.
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