Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Zoey's vitamin bottle

I was the first born.  My sister came 18 months later.  We were adored but we had no penises and, besides, my parents wanted 5.  So 3 years after my sister, they had my brother.  My parents learned that boy babies are different than girl babies.  My sister and I did what we were told.  My brother had his own agenda.  My parents gave up the 5 kids idea and settled on 3.

There were always a million pictures of the little me.  And a good half a million of my sister.  There are a lot of my brother.  I had tons of toys.  My sister got all my used toys and some of her own.  My brother had Lincoln Logs and Tinker Toys but mostly he loved things like the dog's old leash or the soup pan (with a spoon, of course) and his vitamin bottle.  His vitamins came in this plastic bottle which, back in the dark ages, was not at all common and very safe. He could throw it or bounce it or roll it.  It was a miracle toy.

Zoey had a million toys.  She used to play with some of them.  When none had been touched in a month, I moved them from the living room to under the bed.  She said nothing.

Today, I was in the bedroom, pulling the elastic out of the sleeves of a dress.  She was there to help.  When I got one sleeve done, I put the elastic down beside me to start on the other sleeve.

OMG, A TOY!!  That Snaps!!! OMG!  It was hilarious.  So when I finished the other sleeve, I made sure to get a bigger section and put it in front of her about about 3 feet.  She got so excited.  Her little ass was wiggling and wiggling and then she pounced!!

That was a good 30 minutes ago and I can hear her in there still.  Playing with her new toys!
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