Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


This feels like the 4th of four Sundays in a row.  I like Sundays but mainly because they are different than the other days.  When you get four in a row they are no longer different.  This is exacerbated by the heat of Summer.  Blah, blah, whine, whine.

Today started off with a cyber jolt.  My main credit card recently hit its expiration date and I got a replacement. Then I had to go all over the web and change the expiration date.  I know I haven't gotten everywhere so when I got the email from PayPal this morning that my information was out of date, I wasn't surprised.  I thought I had changed it on PayPal but maybe not so I clicked.  I logged in with my email and password and then started filling in answers to questions when it started to dawn on me that this was not smelling good.

I looked up to the URL and it was an ip address. PHUCK!  I was being PHISHED!!  I backed out and logged into PayPal via their URL and changed my password.  They now have real, solid, password requirements -- stronger rules than any other site I use and, for once, I am very grateful.
It woke me up, that's for sure.

The baseball game is at 10 this morning and the pool opens at noon.  I did find another pool - about 20 minutes from here - that opens at 11 on Sundays.  It's an option but I think, I'll go to my regular one today.

My brain is dulled by 4 Sundays in a row.  I'm ready for a Monday. I think it's the curse of the retired.
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