Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Note to me. You have pockets, use them...

Since it's all about me, as I'm watching the plane crash news on TV, I see all of the survivors there on the field watching the plane go up in smoke, I'm conjuring on what if that was me?

If that was me there on the field, I would likely not have any money or credit cards on me or a phone or computer.  I would likely have all that stuff in my suitcase which would be in the overhead compartment.

Next time I get on a plane, that will change.  Phone and cash and a credit card will be in my pockets for sure.

There were years when I was on a plane to somewhere nearly every week - at least every other week.  Now, it's two times a year.  I figure my chances of being in a plane wreck are way greater now.  Murphy's law.
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