Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I got to the pool way early this morning so I ended up doing about 45 minutes of laps and then class ran long so I topped it off with about 55 minutes of aqua exercise.  Whew.  Plus massive water wrinkles!

On the way to Petco to refill my litter jugs, I stopped for breakfast.  There's this one place which looks like it should be really delicious but instead is always really mediocre and I forget every time.  Doh.  oh well. it wasn't horrible.  Breakfasts are generally horror-free.

I got the litter and got home without even running into too much traffic.

The Tree That I Hate is only pretty about 3 weeks out of the year and we're in those 3 weeks now.  The rest of the time, if there are leaves, they are dirty or withered or dried out or all of the above.  I have shades that block the direct sun (which, thanks to the reflection off the new building, I now get mornings and evenings) but they also kind of give the outside a bit of a watercolor feel.  And the sun really lights up the stained glass.

20130706_114723_Occidental Ave S.jpg

Now I'm in for the day. And  I can't think of anyplace I need to go or be except right here.  It's nice and cool with a lovely view and the baseball games starts within the hour.

My fingers still have water wrinkles.  If I had been in a salt water pool that long, my skin would probably be that of a 12 year old!!  (I really don't like being in the salt water, but I sure like how my skin feels after.)
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