Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Take a handle

We had 3 kids behind the front seat in the car growing up.  In our family, parents never sat anywhere but the front seat and kids were relegated to the rear.  For many years, we had a station wagon.  My sister and I had the back seat and my brother roamed the 'back back'.  My sister and I never got along.  Ever.  And when the volume rose past parental tolerance, my mother would issue her cease and desist order:

"Each of you take a handle and be quiet."

Today, Zoey and Betty have shared the ottoman not once but twice and for extended periods.  However, they are small cats and it is a big ottoman. They each have a corner - their own handle.
20130704_195206_Occidental Ave S.jpg
We're also trying out some new cat food. I am sick to death of cat food cans in the garbage.  So today I bought pouches.  Way easier to carry, store and toss.  I split one pouch between the two of them and add in some of the el cheapo stuff that I have a ton of that they aren't crazy about.  So far, excellent.  They both acted like it was ice cream.


My arms are one purple polka dotted mess.  I was doing so well there for a while.  My hands are so far ok but my arms are just embarrassing.  Happily, we have a few days of not Africa Hot weather so I can wear long sleeves out in public without looking stupid.


Today was computer maintenance day.  All the windows computers needed massive download and restarts.  The chromebooks did, too, but took about half the time.  Everyone is now up to date and working fine.  I still love my Pixel best of all by a giant long shot.
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