Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


My Mom used to bitch about holidays.  The holiday staff at her retirement facility were probably ok but when your old, you don't like new faces - you like the faces you can count on, even if they were mean or slackers, at least you knew what to expect. On holidays, all that was up in the air.  And everything you needed was closed.  And TV was all reruns or boring specials.

She could go on and on and did - every holiday.

Now that I'm retired and you can take a day off work out of the equation, I'm seeing her rant and adding...  The pools are all closed. Nothing gets delivered. Bah humbug.

But, at least it's only a day.  NPR is full of crap today so I turned the radio off.  Zoey's here on the bed with me and Betty's sprawled out on the floor next to the bed.  It's so quiet and lovely for this moment.

I'm considering a trip to the grocery store.  Probably it will be a mad house but, I won't be in any hurry and won't care.

The guy in my brother's shop who's taken on (his own initiative) this email campaign got so excited about the template I made for him that he worked on the next edition late yesterday.  And then I saw a 2 pixel spot that needs fixing and figured out how to make some text less jaggity.  So I'll likely work on that a bit.  He won't be back in the office until Monday but I know he sometimes logs in remotely to do stuff so I want to get on it and get it done.

And then there's a baseball game and bears to knit and stuff to watch on TV.  I am bummed about the pool.  (And, yes, there are lakes all over this place but no, I am not going to swim in them, probably ever.)
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