Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


It seems cooler this morning than yesterday and the weather people say it is but I am skeptical.  Also Anita is here heating up my kitchen.  On the upside, I will have delicious things to eat that cost me little in terms of effort.  She says that she won't have to turn on the oven so it could be ok.


I registered for CES in January. I hope my brother is going with me again but if not, I think I'll go anyway.  The hotel deals aren't out yet.  I could go ahead and make a reservation but the CES hotel deal saves me about $100 a night so well worth waiting for.  Southwest won't have their reservations available until the Fall, maybe even late Fall.  So I've done all I can do for now.


I have been living on ice water for the past few days.  I drank so much yesterday, I figured I would not be able to sleep because I'd be getting up to pee so much but turned out, no difference.


I have my water aerobics class at noon and, as usual lately, I think I'll go in a little early for some pre-class laps.  We have another new instructor today.  Here's hoping she's good.


Front door TV Network has seen a parade of peops with clipboards and stuff being hauled in and out.  A fair number of units have sold recently and it's generally moving time anyway.  Plus someone got a new washer/dryer set today.  And they are still working out the whole fire deal of a couple of weeks ago.  Since it also burned the building next door, there's a phalanx (love that word) of insurance, appraisers, project managers, supervisors, etc. going in and out.

I have not heard any more noise about losing my Front door TV Network.  I'm sure it's only a matter of time so I'm enjoying it while I can.
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