Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Shady dealings

I grew up in the hot hot hot and humid South. Before air conditioning.  (When I was 16 we moved into a house with central air and I have no clue how we survived before that.)  I remember its being too hot to turn the page of my book.  So hot.

I don't remember knowing the magic of shade until I moved to Northern California.  Every other place I'd ever lived had shade but when it was Africa hot, the shade was just as hot but not as bright.  In California, there was a substantial difference between shade and not shade.  And shade was good.

Here in Seattle, shade is even better than good.  I just had to walk a block from here and I stayed in the shade and it was actually really pleasant out there!!!  The thermometer on my terrace (which has been in the shade since just before noon) says it's 81 but I'm guessing down on the ground, in the shade, it's closer to 75 with a breeze!!  Very nice.

Besides discovering that the heat wasn't horrible, my errand was a bust. Anita has a recipe she wants to cook for me that need beef tongue.  I do like tongue a lot so she's been trying to find a butcher who sells it.  Turns out, I guess, cows these days are tongue-less.

Finally Rain Shadow Meats moves into my 'hood.  This is a fancy ass butcher shop with a great rep (they have another store across town).  I've eaten there (they serve lunch and brunch) and the food has been pretty excellent.  So I stopped in one day as asked if they could get tongue and beef liver that was not presliced thin.  (I like beef/calves liver but not those skinny slices you get at the grocery.)  They said yes to the tongue and no to the liver (WTF?) and tongue was special order.

Anita called this week to order up tongue for tomorrow for me to pick up today 'anytime after 2 pm.'  At 2:30 I went over.  I went in and the nice woman greeted me.  When I told her what I wanted she said she would go get the butcher.  I waited a really long time and finally this dude comes out and checks his book and then his fridge and finally comes over to tell me that 'I don't have it, my guy didn't write it down.'  He attitude seemed to say 'and, frankly, I could care less.

Anita's so flexible and wonderful.  I called her and just now she sent me three new options and I can't even decide which one is better so I told her they were all great and to do the one that was the most comfortable to prepare in this heat.  Problem solved.


Swimming today turned out to be also excellent.  The pool was a little cooler than usual - a couple of people actually complained about it. I thought it was wonderful!  And it was not crowded and I had a great swim.

The first year or so that I went to the pool, I thought middle of the day was really inconvenient.  But, now it is perfect for me.  I do hate holidays.  The pool will be closed on Thursday.  :(
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