Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Still cool

Swimming was great.  The laps were good and the class was beyond good.  Then on to the movie.  The a/c was really working which was nice for me.   My expectations for the movie were pretty low and they were pretty well met.

I didn't have any knitting with me and it really felt strange and non-productive to just sit there and do nothing but watch.  By the end of the movie, I was really cold which was fun and funny.  Out into the hot, across a sun heated parking lot and into IHOP.  Just what I wanted and needed.  Then on to the Dollar Store where I got nearly everything on my list.  I love the Dollar Store.

I had kind of thought about stopping at a grocery store but I couldn't think of anything that was critical so I came home.  I forgot the baseball game was at 4 instead of the usual 6:30.  It's the  wind back the clock game and a rare game against Chicago so traffic was a bit stiff but I put my zen on and cracked the a/c up and eventually rolled into the garage. It was lovely to walk into a cool-ish condo.

I got nowhere I gotta be until the pool opens tomorrow at noon.
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