Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Hot night but not too hot to sleep - yeah.  I did not go outside to see the fireworks.  The game went long. But, turns out, I could see them well from my terrace.  Nice.

Today starts at the pool in the north part of town.  I think I'll go in early and get some laps in before class even though class will be led by the toughest teacher in town.  Yesterday when I was getting a massage, I was stretched out horizontally and it felt so good even tho it was in the air.  I'm just a horizontal girl.

After class, I need to stop at a grocery store, the dollar store and I'm also going to see The Heat in air conditioned comfort.  And depending on when I get there, I may kill time waiting for the movie time in the iHop next door.

My usual route home is going to be closed due to construction so I need to remember to use Plan B.

I'm trying to keep from being bummed by the heat. It works on my brain in not a good way. I don't think it's like SAD.  I'm not depressed.  My mindset is just one of getting through these days.  Which I hate. I hate marking off calendar days for any reason on general principles.  And even though I don't go anywhere anyway, I feel a massive case of cabin fever when it's hot outside.

I am big with mind over matter so I will lift up out of this funk one way or another.  Worst case, it will all be right again in 9 weeks.

Now, it's time to suit up!
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