Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

fone fun

So howeird reminded me that I have lost phone options.  I actually have two different apps on my phone to help find it, and/or lock it/wipe it.  One of them can even take a photo remotely.  I totally forgot about them.

And tonight I even figured out a pretty easy way to make it ring.  My phone number is a Google Voice number.  So, when it rings, it rings all over the house - on the burner flip phone in the living room, on the old cellphone - operating on wifi in the bedroom and on any of the computers logged into Google and turned on. It's a chorus of You've Got A Phone Call.  Happily, I rare get one.

BUT, my phone does have it's own number.  I just don't ever remember what it is.  I finally dug it out tonight and plugged it into and ONLY my cellphone rang.  Yeah!!

Then, because the likelihood of my remembering any of this next time I hit a snag is slim to none, I wrote it all out with key words - lost, where, phone, etc... in an email mailed to me.  Now a simple search in gmail turns up the info I need.  I think I'm good.
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