Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Last night I spent a long time - like most of the night, it felt like looking for my cellphone which I had lost.

Just now, I went to take a picture and... wtf?  cellphone missing!!!!  I must have left it in the car.  I went down to the garage.  No cellphone.  I came back up here and started a grid search at the front door...  I found it in my purse.  Whew (Calling it from the computer isn't much good since I have stuff rigged all over the house to ring when I get a call.)

But now it's safe in hand.  Weird about the dream.  I've heard people say it happens to them but never to me.

20130628_130843_Occidental Ave S.jpgI wanted to take a picture of tonight's dinner which will either be a difficult to repeat success or a get-out-the-take-out-menus failure.

I layered the glass dish with what was left of the apricot marmalade (a healthy half cut) then I laid down two chicken thighs.  Then I tucked a pat of butter under the skin of each.  Kosher salt and a little pepper.  Then I tucked onions around the chicken.  The onion was a spring onion that I sliced up yesterday and marinated in the juice from the half sour pickles.  I'll bake tonight and report back.

I also realized after lunch that I have a 2 pm massage appointment!  I made it early last week and, fortunately, wrote it into my Google Calendar.  I don't really feel in need of a massage - in fact, I feel better than average but I'm sure not going to leave her high and dry now.  And what could it hurt?

My swim was great today.  There were no more than 2 people in any lane at any one time which was a little bit of heaven.  I have been thinking that I might do the early morning swim on Mondays.  The pool is open from 6:30-8 am.  I think I'm going to try it on Monday.
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