Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I enjoyed sleeping in my bed last night more than usual because I know it's probably going to be awhile before it happens again. It will either be too hot to enjoy or I'll be on the airbed in the living room.

I do think that my fear and/or dread of the heat is about as bad or worse than the actual heat.

Today is lap swim at 11.  And I do want to stop at the library. I keep saying that and keep not doing it.  Nothing else really needs doing today.

Tomorrow I'm thinking about free air conditioning at a movie after swim class.

Chef Anita is supposed to come cook on Tuesday which is supposed to be one of the two worst days. I sent her a note this morning and told her to please pick another day if she wants.  It's hot in here on a hot day and having the stovetop and oven on does not really make it better.

I need to think about something else. Off now to do that.
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